Episode Cast Description Air Date Link

Episode I


We jack into this prolific franchise in its third installment, a revolution in Rome starting an group of bladed allies on a mission. Another open world, another Brandon full playthrough. 8 Dec 2016 1
Episode II Before the brotherhood can begin, Ezio needs to put his limber fingertips to the test on a series of viewpoints and Borgia towers. In other words, Brandon is in heaven. 15 Dec 2016 2
Episode III We finally fill the ranks of our assassin guild with willing recruits ready to fight for our cause. After sending two of them to their death, we wise up and start sending them on missions 5 Jan 2017 3

Episode IV

Reuniting with Leonardo da Vinci, and graduating our brotherhood to the rank of assassin, we cash in our favors and bank accounts and buy up the town. And climb towers; a few of those. 13 Jan 2017 4

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