Box Peek is an upcoming web series created by Kyle Bosman about a fictional sport in which competitors climb into boxes and try to peek at each other. It features paper puppets made by him, with voice-over work by the Allies.

It was announced as a new Patreon goal on May 19, 2017, and by the end of the month it was already met.

A special preview of the first episode was aired during Easy Allies in Concert: Revengeance, with the official premiere still months away.



The series is about a young kid named Jordy Defective who goes on a Box Peek adventure after arriving in Certainly City and mistakenly being given a Box Porter with his last name on it.


Each player must peek for at least 2 seconds, and after retreating they must wait 6 seconds to peek again. If a player peeks for 4 seconds, they win by Complete Peek. If a player catches another peeking, they win by Counterpeek. Also, they can put anything inside their box, as long as it fits.



Character Played by
Jordy Defective Amanda Troop
CD Kyle Bosman
Victor Ross Brandon Jones
Peekref 12 Ian Hinck
Additional Voices Ben Moore
Michael Huber


# Title Aired on
1 Jordy Gets a Box! March 18, 2018




  • Me and My Army
    • Composer: Daniel Kadawatha
    • Vocals: Avery Sprangler

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