According to Elder Scrolls lore, Chim is the "state in which one can break free of all known laws and corruptions of Oblivion." It is the final stage of the "Psijic Endeavor," which is a "method in which one can transcend mortal boundaries set in place by immortal rulers." The actual meaning of any of this is somewhat hazy, but according to Easy Allies, Chim is the name of the god that is dreaming the entirety of Elder Scrolls. If someone were to discover this fact, they would either die or get superpowers.

Chim was officially inducted into the lore of Easy Allies on June 11, 2017, which was the day of the Bethesda E3 press conference. It started when the Allies were discussing the possibility of Fallout and Elder Scrolls being connected, and if a crossover could happen. Kyle then chimed in with his version of Chim in order to show just how possible it is for the universes to be connected. The Allies found this amusing, and after a brief period of laughter, returned to the serious discussions they were having prior. Twitch chat, however, was not so willing to let go, and for the rest of the preshow --and a large portion of the conference itself-- they continued to talk about Chim. The Allies themselves even made a few jokes about Chim throughout the show. Chim ended up being the mascot for the rest of E3, and became a beloved character for both the Allies and the fans.

As E3 came to a close, the Allies made the decision to lock Chim away in a vault until the next E3. They stated that Chim was not to be discussed or mentioned until then, when he will be promptly let loose upon the world of Easy Allies again.