E3 2016


Team Bets
1 Point
Team Huber
Brad Ellis Will Zelda have a female playable character?
Will Kingdom Hearts III unveil a Pixar world?
Ben Moore Will there be a trailer for the next Halo game? (This does not include Halo Wars 2)
Will Knack rise again?
Ian Hinck Will Michael Damiani pre-order the Final Fantasy VII Remake?
Will Sonic the Hedgehog appear in the Sony or Microsoft press conferences?
Team Bosman
Michael Damiani Will we see an actual Kraken in the Sea of Thieves presentation?
Will The Evil Within 2 have black bars?
Daniel Bloodworth Will a Kickstarter campaing be announced at any press conference?
Will Hideo Kojima reveal himself?
Jones Will a Red Dead game be announced in a trailer using a modern licensed song?
Will EA bring a female athlete onto the stage?

Personal Bets
2 Points
Across all press conferences, how many dogs? Huber: 2 Bosman: 8
How many times will Crash Bandicoot jump? Huber: 16 Bosman: 4
How many seconds will Shawn Layden hold his hands together during the Sony press conference? Huber: 190 Bosman: 46
How many times will we hear the word 'amazing' at the Xbox press conference? Huber: 4 Bosman: 10

Double Down on Don
3 Points
Huber Bethesda will dedicate 5:15 to The Elder Scrolls: Legends, their card game. Under
Bosman Kratos will have 20 confirmed kills in the PlayStation press conference. Over

Final Bets
4 Points
Huber We will see a new Onimusha game exclusive to the PS4
Bosman We will see footage of an NX exclusive game with a number at the end



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