The Easy Allies Podcast is a weekly show in which Kyle Bosman and Brandon Jones, alongside a rotating panel of two other Allies, discuss various gaming-related news, respond to Patron-submitted questions, and play some fun silly games.

It is recorded every Tuesday, usually after Group Stream Nights, and it is released on Wednesdays for Patrons, and Fridays on YouTube for the public.

It is the successor to GameTrailers' podcast GT Time[1], from which it borrowed its general vibe along with many of its segments.


Current Segments

  • Objective: Similar to the old Goals segment, but sent by Patrons and directed to the whole panel. Each Ally decides if they want to take on it or not, and must fulfill the challenge by the end of the podcast to earn an imaginary (but cool) prize.
  • Corrections: A selection of YouTube comments from the previous episode that make corrections and clarifications to things the panel has said.
  • News: Report on the week's highlights and upcoming events. The discussion is sometimes guided by one of Kyle's games, though his favorite way to start the podcast are game announcements, if there are any.
  • Podcast Halftime: A break during the conversation that allows Brandon to present the Easy Allies sponsors for the current month. It is often called upon by Kyle when someone is about to say something, claiming that he can hear it coming.
  • Love & Respect: A segment in which the panel responds to emails sent by Patrons, usually involving heavy discussion topics or just a random game, depending on their mood at the time.
  • Time for Bets: Predictions for the week, where each Ally represents a different betting team for which they earn points each time they win a bet, and the team with the most points by the end of the year is crowned the champion of the season. Also, whoever sits on the previous bet winner's seat earns the right and responsibility to share their Twitter handle with the world, promote any Easy Allies video they would like to promote, have a final word on anything they disagree with or just want to reiterate, and sign-off the podcast with their trademark sign-off.

Recurrent Segments

Past Segments

  • Goals:
  • Is This News?:
  • Kyle Apologizes for Something:
  • What's in Damiani's Mug?:

Recurrent Games

Past Games

Betting Teams

Season One
Name Members Final Score
Red Eagles Kyle, Jones 20
Green Lizards Rotating panel 19
Season Two
Name Members Final Score
Red Eagles Kyle, Jones 28
Purple Platypi Rotating panel 19

Season Three
Name Members Final Score
Red Grouse Jones
Droopy Eagles Kyle
Gorgeous Gorillas Rotating panel
Switcher Snakes Switcher seat
Golden Vultures Special guests


  • In the first episode, the panel had to come up with a special sign-off as there were no previous bet winners. Each Ally had to pick one word, resulting in "Kick Some Cheese Tonight" (by Jones, Ben, Blood and Kyle, respectively).

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