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Fiasconauts is a show created by Ian Hinck in which a group of around four people play the table top game, Fiasco.


To learn how to play Fiasco, watch this video:

The show begins with Ian and his companions explaining which Fiasco play-set they chose. They then proceed to decide the relationships, locations, objects, etc. that will be important to the plot of their story. With all that finished, they name their characters and begin to play. In the first act of the game, each person gets two scenes in which they act out what their character does. They are given either a black die or a white die from the other players, which decides whether the scene ends in their character's favor. Once everyone does their two scenes, the "tilt" is decided, which is something that will have great effect over the second half of the game. Tilts can be large events, like a secret going public, or simple emotions, like an overwhelming feeling of paranoia. With the tilt decided, the second act begins. The second act plays mostly like the first, with each player having two scenes focused on their player. When both acts are over, the players decide the fate of their character, with dice being the deciding factor on whether or not they have a happy ending. Episodes are typically two and a half hours, but some have been as long as three.


A Fiasco of Biblical Proportions!

Cast: Ian Hinck, Brandon Jones, Kyle Bosman, Max Folkman, Nick Folkman

Play-set Plot: